Andrew Bridge


2011 Ongoing

University of Kent, Canterbury

  • Finished the first and second year of Computer Science degree with a distinction. Took part in a year long placement, working in London.
2004 2011

Chatham House Grammar School, Ramsgate

  • GCSEs in Maths, Maths Stats, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Religious Studies, Geography, IT and Music
  • AS Levels in Physics and Maths
  • A Levels in Music, Music Technology and IT


August 2013 July 2014

Junior Web Developer at Addison Group (formerly The Group)

  • Maintaining large sites for high profile clients.
    • Maintaining a high level of quality.
    • Communicating and working with a team.
    • Making decisions based on guidelines, industry standards and judgement of maintainability.
  • Taking part in research and development.
    • Producing internal tools for company wide use.
    • Researching new ways of working as a company and team.
    • Presenting findings to the whole company.
  • Producing standalone sites to a deadline as part of a team.
    • Technical lead for new site build.
    • Management of other developers working on the project.
    • Discussing and making decisions to meet industry standards and client requirements.
Feburary 2012 July 2013

Web Developer & Designer at the Web Solutions department for the University of Kent

  • Designing departmental pages for the University of Kent website (
    • Use of design skills.
    • Designing and developing around a framework.
    • Adhering to style guidelines and content policies/laws.
  • Giving support to university web publishers.
    • Via phone and email.
    • Finding solutions to problems quickly.
    • Using remote desktop software to provide support remotely.
  • Assisting in web publisher training sessions.
    • Giving further one-to-one help where required.
    • Monitoring the pace of the training session.
    • Assisting with publisher questions.
July 2010 August 2011 September 2011 January 2012 March 2012 Ongoing

Web Developer at Designmap design consultancy

  • Helped develop JJA Design Consultants Ltd. website (
    • A flash based website with Javascript framework lightboxes.
  • Helped develop Mathmos light website for UK, Europe, Germany and France (
    • Developed in PHP and using Smarty template language with data drawn from a MySQL database
    • Developed global features of the website
    • Developed and optimised the 404 page of each site
    • Took part in discussions as part of site development team
  • Worked on a pure Javascript HTML5 canvas top down game engine, for use with the Cutty Sark exhibition in Greenwich, London.
    • Rewriting a flash game into HTML5 technologies, optimised for mobile play.
    • Writing a generic top down game engine.
    • Writing using a structured, object-oriented approach.
    • Optimising for lower powered devices.
    • Tailoring the interface to a smaller screen size.
2006 Ongoing

Freelance Web Developer

  • Producing websites for a variety of companies and purposes using PHP, Javascript, Jquery, HTML and CSS
  • Producing small complimentary local programs to allow client to upload high quantities of files to their websites.
  • Producing small personal projects, focusing on secure login, registration and session handling.
  • Clients:

Related Skills & Abilities

Web and related technology knowledge

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • HTML (knowledge and keen interest in HTML5)
  • CSS (knowledge and keen interest in CSS3)
  • MySQL
  • Classic ASP
  • VB (largely VBScript)
  • Coldfusion
  • Java
  • C
  • C++ (with .NET framwork) (basic knowledge)
  • Occam Pi (Parallel programming)
  • Apache server .htaccess scripts
  • Image manipulation packages
  • Flash (basic knowledge)


  • Working as part of a team
  • Meeting deadlines on time
  • Keeping constant communication with the client and team
  • Project planning
  • Research skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Creativity skills


Great interest in music

  • Play and have played as part of several bands on the Trumpet
  • Sung in different groups both accapella and accompanied
  • Play bass, electric and acoustic guitar
  • Enjoy finding new music of a huge variety of styles
  • Attend gigs and orchestral concerts

Enjoy exploring new developments in the technology and science worlds

  • New developments in web technologies
  • Innovative ways in which science is affecting the world
  • Exploring new computer based business start ups


Daniel Sutton

Creative and Managing Director at Designmap

Bob Eager

Senior lecturer and tutor at University of Kent